When placing an order, once you confirm/click on the “Check Out” icon in the Shopping Cart, your order will be submitted directly to French Illusion Pty Ltd. NO PAYMENT will be required at this stage.

French Illussion will generate an itemised PRO FORMA invoice (including GST and freight), which will be forwarded to you by email for approval and for payment by electronic transfer or credit card facility. On receipt of payment, your order will be despatched and a tracking number emailed to you.

Receipt of payment of PRO FORMA invoice is required within a 2 week period, after which time the order is deemed cancelled.

We do not record your credit card data after a transaction has been completed.

French Illusion reserves the right to decline any order. Also, if your credit card provider rejects a payment, French Illusion at its discretion may delay or cancel delivery of any Order you have placed.

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